How to get started with home care services

Many families struggle to care for elderly relatives while balancing full-time jobs and family obligations. The decision to hire a home care agency can be difficult. It’s essential to find the right fit for your family, and you want it to be as easy as possible. 

The task of hiring a home care agency is not something that should be undertaken lightly. Several things need to happen to get started with quality, in-home care services.

Moreover, Hiring an experienced home care agency will help relieve stress from your shoulders as we coordinate with other professionals such as doctors, nurses, or hospice providers.

The first step to getting started with home care services is to fill out a consultation form. This form will be sent to a member of our team, and they’ll contact you for additional information about your loved one.

We take pride in our communication efforts, so expect us to reach out as soon as possible so that we’re able to discuss your care needs with accuracy and help determine the best plan of action moving forward.

Here is the process to get started with Realm of Glory Home Care services.

Step 1– Consultation and Assessments

Step 2– Select a date or days of the week you want us to come in person, over a video call, or phone call.

Step 3– Home Care Visit/complete paperwork and provide information about your loved one’s medical history.

Step 4– Choose how often you’d like our caregiver to visit

Step 5– We match-make your loved one with a caregiver they’re compatible with, based on both data collected, assessments, and personal preferences 

Step 6– Get started with home care services

Fill out a consultation to get started with home care services. Our compassionate caregivers are ready to be there for your loved one.

Here is why you should allow Realm of Glory Home Care to assist your relatives:

Scheduling: The process of finding and hiring quality, trustworthy caregivers can be tedious. You have to search through dozens of websites that don’t give you the information you need. It can take weeks or months to find someone good enough for your loved one. And then there’s always the risk that they’ll stop showing up after the first paycheck comes in.

We handled everything from scheduling, documentation, changes around doctor’s appointments, plus more. Best part? Our on-boarding assessment gives an excellent opportunity for you to ask questions concerning the care and communicate your exact needs!

Around-the-clock Service: Sometimes, The best way to know a loved one is getting the care they need is by having someone there with them at all times. Most agencies cannot provide around-the-clock supervision, and their caregivers have other clients in addition to your loved one.

This means that your family member may be left alone for long periods without proper supervision. Make sure the agency you choose offers 24/7 Care.

Physical Care Needs: Physical care can be challenging for the disabled, elderly, or have disabilities. When you cannot care for yourself, it is hard to live your life the way you want. 

Realm Of Care Home Care provides reliable home care services at affordable prices for individuals in Northampton and Lehigh Valley Counties. We specialize in helping seniors with physical and mental disabilities and those living with Alzheimer’s disease or Dementia. If you or a loved one needs assistance around the house, we offer non-medical personal care services to help maintain your quality of life.

If you’re ready to get started with home care services in your area, Contact At Realm Of Glory. We’ve been experts in-home care for many years and have the experience to help guide you through the decision-making process. Fill out a Free Consultation today

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